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More time - Investorina

More time

Time is the scarcest resource we have as human beings. How are you using this perishable resource? Educate yourself, but don’t reinvent the wheel. With Investorina, you will learn how to maximize your investments as a passive investor. Financial stability for your family is critical, but you can achieve that with smart investments that do not take a lot of time investing.
More Money - Investorina

More money

Money that is not growing is losing value every day due to inflation. What investment vehicles are you using to not just beat inflation, but to grow your money? With Investorina, you will learn how to think about money and how to make sound investment decisions. We will primarily focus on Real Estate investments, and also talk about other investment vehicles.
More Life - Investorina

More life

What is all the time and money in the world if it does not support the life you want for yourself and your family? To live a fulfilled abundant life is a mindset that can be learned and practiced. With Investorina, you will learn how to develop a growth mindset. You will learn what techniques are used by successful people to not just grow, but to thrive.

Deep Paknikar

Deep Paknikar - Investorina

Deep Paknikar is an entrepreneur, speaker, and investor. With MS in Computer Science and MBA, she has worked in Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Amazon as a Software Engineer.

Well-educated and having worked in some of the top  companies in the world, Deep noticed a few financial concerns unique to those working in the tech space. The tech industry is very competitive and attracts the best and the brightest from all over the world. The techies had above-average incomes, but very little time to invest and grow their money. Also, most of them were heavily invested in stocks with the only risk balancing Real Estate asset being their primary home. For female techies, the challenges were even bigger. Given the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder in a primarily male-dominated industry along with maintaining work-life balance left them with little time for investing.

With interest in Real Estate investing, Deep decided that she had to find investment vehicles that balanced the time money risk equation and provide good returns. She started in 2011 with her first Real Estate investment, all while working a 9-to-5 job. 10 years later, she has Real Estate assets valued at 5M+, Single Family, and Multi-Family properties in multiple states. Her goal is to help other women in tech do the same and has started with a podcast to educate her investors via the Investorina podcast

Deep is a licensed Real Estate agent in the state of Washington, primarily operating in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. She is also passionate about supporting women to become financially independent and emotionally healthy. She runs programs for women that help them find mentors and community support for career and personal growth. Deep also runs a company that sells all-natural products on her site The site carries products made by women in Asia and Africa. A fraction of the profits go towards supporting women-owned businesses in developing countries.

Contact info or call her at (425) 272-5398.