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5 Secrets from the Universe on how to Lead a Rich and Prosperous Life irrespective of how much money you possess

For a very long time, prosperity meant money to me. As I sit and look back at this definition, I realize that this definition of prosperity has been actually bombarded on us by the society. When we think of richness or prosperity, our first thought is money. Such a constricted definition of such expansive words.

The other day my mentor invited me to define prosperity and that is when I realized how evolved I have become. It took me a while to finally come up with a definition that felt complete.
Prosperity for me means –
* Inner richness where my body, mind and soul feel this wave of gratitude all over my being
* Love and lots of love for me, my work and my relationships
* Being aware and working on my wants, needs and desires
* Dancing to the rhythm of my soul. Fearless without giving a care about the world
* Being in a high vibe energy state where the Universe’s messages are loud and clear
* Feeling this expansive energy inside me, radiating it to other beings while I stand in my true
power and help others do the same
* An inner feeling which has nothing at all to do with my external

If you also have been someone who has stuck to the confined definition of prosperity like me, I invite you today to redefine prosperity for you. It is an exercise which opens up amplifying high vibe energy and sets the stepping stone of being in that prosperous energy.

Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That is what happened when I changed the way I looked at prosperity. The Universe started guiding me on how to ignite this infinite prosperity right within me. The signs came in the form of song lyrics, inner guidance – soft inner whispers that became louder.

I am sharing these deep insights with all of you here, the guidance which came through like the light from the soul.

1.  Pleasure:

Pleasure is the backbone of prosperity. When I say pleasure, it doesn’t mean sex. Pleasure is when all your 5 senses are on fire, and you feel alive with this ecstatic joy doing something. When was the last time you felt this way? For us women, it is especially difficult to sit and make a list of things that bring pleasure to us because pleasure has been so darkened for us. The guilt of indulging in pleasure, always been told pleasure is an evil and rather control the pleasure. It might take you a while to really make that list of what brings you pleasure. And it is fine. You are doing fine. After you make that list, ask yourself “How can I bring more pleasure to my every day?” There you know the secret formula to prosperity now.

2. Nature:

No one can make you feel prosperous like the nature. The more time you spend in nature, the richer your life is going to be. Form that connect with mother earth, the sky, the trees and the vast expanse. The energy which nature holds, is held by no one. I speak with the plants, the flowers and the butterflies. Hug a tree and ask it it’s story. Feel the power of the sun inside you. Breathe in nature. Make nature your sacred sanctuary.

3. Self Love:

The Universe made me realize the stark difference between the amount of love and care I pour into my loved ones as compared to how much I love myself. I sat back and asked myself, “What if I talk with myself the way I speak with my 3-year-old son?” With so much love, patience and grace. How would my world change if I make my self-talk more loving, giving myself grace on mistakes and being patient with me when things get tough? It was so obvious. I also sat and made a list of self-love rituals to help me feel loved and nourished. I practice them every single day.

4. Being Present:

The more I multi task and try to be perfect everywhere, I realize I am killing the joy and fun of the whole process. Multi-tasking is the exact opposite of pleasure. Instead, I choose to be present now. You cannot lead a prosperous life if your mind, body and soul are focusing on 10 different things at one time. Period. How will you feel the richness of each step then? Cooking breakfast, I am right here cooking. Playing with my son, I am right here playing. Having a conversation with hubby, I am right here listening with mobile to the side. Right here, right now. Isn’t easy always, however worth attempting.

5. Creativity:

You are a born creator. A person who creates can never be poor. When I say creativity, I do not mean art which is displayed in museums or dance that is performed on stages. Creativity means when you create something for yourself and get lost in the process. You create something because you feel like doing so. Creation can be a food dish, a letter to yourself, a football move or dancing to your soul’s music. You have this infinite abundance inside you and why are you looking at external richness then? When we create we prosper and feel rich. I don’t have to create a masterpiece to feel rich. The richness is in the idea, the flow and how I get lost while bringing that idea into the physical world. When I let go of the popular definition of creativity and artist and rather lean in my space of artistry, I am the richest.

The Universe wants you to feel prosperous and rich. Make the most of these secrets it has revealed to me. Remember, “You have this one, precious life and you alone dictate the colorful resplendence of your mural. You decide the spectacular spectrum of shades and brush strokes you’ll use to illustrate your story. And while I can’t fathom what life has in store for any of us, I do know that life is not too short, but rather, far too long for you to waste another day not seeking out every adventure calling your name.” -Alexis Jones Imbibe the inner richness and make your life canvas as adventurous, colorful and bright as you want!

About The Author:

Pradnya Vernekar is a Mom Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, 3X Bestselling Author and an Angel Intuitive. In this season of her life she is helping moms to lead a rich and prosperous lives to achieve their dream life at work and relationships. Her mission is to ignite moms with utter self love, provide emotional clarity and remove blocks in their path to their dream life. Her expertise lies in accelerating the process to reach your dream life in simple, easy and fastest steps. You can find her on social media here:
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