I moved to Seattle five years back with my one year old daughter to accompany my spouse. With the support of my husband and family I restarted my career and that decision makes my experiences as lovely as I imagine. Women should stay stay strong and never limit ourselves because of others’ limited imagination. I always believe in a quote that “ There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” As we know male and female are the two wheels of a cart or two parts of a coin. A coin can’t be imagined leaving the other part. A cart cannot run smoothly on only one wheel. Similarly, the human life cannot run without the help of women. Home is the first school and mothers are called the first teacher of a child. If a mother is educated, a child can get good education at home, get knowledge, widen its mind, develop its character and mental power. A child learns the language of its mother first. Later it learns the language spoken by father and other family members. So, its initial language is known as ‘Mother-Tongue’ not as ‘Father-Tongue’. This verifies that the female education is more important than male education. Women should be given equal opportunity to get education. Women play a significant role in society as a wife, a mother, a sister, a caretaker, a nurse, etc. They have a better understanding of the social structure and are more considerate towards the need of others. Almighty God has created both man and woman equally and has not drawn any distinct distinction between them. So, there should be no difference of opinion regarding imparting education to women. Education women can not only give an educated family but education of women can also be helpful in eliminating many social evils such as dowry problem, unemployment problem, etc. Social peace can easily be established. Education is regarded as an important millstone of women empowerment because it enables them to face the challenges, to confront their traditional role and change their life. Education of women is the most important tool of change their position in the society.

In my opinion every women should “be confident, keep learning, minimize negativity or negative people”.

Even before starting my Master’s some people commented me saying that it’s not easy to pursue Master’s as I think as a Mother.I went through lot of discouragement and negativity.Seeing our silence and patience still some people around us think we are not capable of anything.But I never give up.Just get through all this with the help of Positivity.